1) What transformer & voltage converter is used for what application?

To determine what transformer you need for any appliances, simply look at the spec plate on that device. It will give you an indication as to its power requirement, in either wattage (w) or amperage (A). If it show the amperage, simply multiply this number with the device’s voltage requirement, to get its wattage.

Once you know how much power your device uses constantly, you need to add 20% to get its start up power.
You now know how much power your device will draw from the transformer, and can choose a transformer that has a maximum capacity that equals or exceeds your device’s requirement.

2) Why does my small (hair dryer, iron, kettle, etc.) need such a big transformer? Can’t I just use a small converter?

Anything with a heating element, or motor, no matter how small or large, draws a lot of power to operate, and thus requires a large transformer. Using a small travel converter is NOT SAFE.

3) What does “Code Free” DVD Player mean?

A DVD player which would not limit playback to a specific geographical region. all our DVD players are PAL-NTSC, dual voltage and all region playback compatible unless specified. you need a Multi System TV or a compatible TV to play various region’s DVD discs. Most our DVD models also play regular music CD’s and video discs (vcd).

4) What does a Multi System Television mean?

A TV which incorporates to all major World broadcasting and video standards. All our TVs are PAL, SECAM, NTSC standards for international use and can operate on any voltage ranging from 110 volt to 240 volt 50/60 Hz. for TV viewing and video playback worldwide.

5) Which Camcorders should I buy, PAL / NTSC?

It really depends on where you are going to live most of your life. If you are planning to move overseas permanently or for a longer period of time, buying a PAL Camcorder would be the best choice. Because PAL Camcorder records in PAL System which is compatible with all TVs and VCRs overseas. There is no need of buying multi system TV or VCR. You can also share videos with your friends and family overseas since it records only in PAL. If you are going for a short trip, then buying NTSC Camcorder would be the right choice. However you cannot playback tapes on overseas TV or share the tapes with your friends or family overseas. If you already have NTSC Camcorder and have a multi system TV overseas and planning to leave a Camcorder overseas, you can able to play tapes only with a multi system TV. You can not share tapes with your friends because not everyone has multi system TV or VCR overseas. Also you will have hard time fixing it overseas if it needs repair because NTSC Camcorders carry only U.S. warranty while PAL Camcorders carry international warranty and can be honored in most countries.

6) Can I power my whole house with a gas generator? How big do I need?

For long-term 24/7 use, diesel generators are recommended, however, for strictly backup power, gasoline powered will do.

To see what generator best suits your needs, consult the Generator Finder Tool here: